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The EKOMUGI Project, driven by Indumetal Recycling and supported by the Basque Government, aims to promote the recycling of high-value materials in the transportation and mobility sectors.

Objective and Scope of the EKOMUGI Project

EKOMUGI focuses on the recovery of key components such as electric motors, batteries, and metallized plastic parts from waste in the consumer transportation and mobility sector. The goal is to manufacture new products by developing new materials and manufacturing technologies.

This ambitious project aims to recover critical raw materials such as lithium (Li), manganese (Mn), cobalt (Co), and neodymium (Nd), as well as other high-value materials like nickel (Ni), copper (Cu), and technical plastics. These efforts aim to close the lifecycle of these products, promoting sustainability and the circular economy.

Advances in the Consortium Meeting

During the consortium meeting, which took place on June 4th at Indumetal’s facilities, several significant advancements in the project were highlighted. Use cases and specifications for new products based on recovered materials were defined. Additionally, a mapping of end-of-life electric mobility devices was carried out, and progress was made in developing automated strategies for the recovery of batteries and magnets. The recovery, conditioning, and classification of materials were also initiated, along with the design and commissioning of pilot plants, achieving the production of new products based on recycled materials.


EKOMUGI consortium meeting at Indumetal facilities

Innovation and Sustainability

The new developments of EKOMUGI enable the incorporation of recycled critical raw materials into high-value-added applications in the transportation and electric mobility sector, particularly benefiting component manufacturers for the automotive industry in the Basque region.

Participation and Collaboration

The EKOMUGI consortium, led by Indumetal, includes six centers from the Basque Network of Science and Technology (Ceit, Gaiker, Tecnalia, Cidetec, MTC, and the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU)), as well as several companies from specialized sectors such as industrial automation (Fegemu), electric motor manufacturing (Obeki), waste recovery (Ecomagnet, Innovation Tree, and Birziplastik), metal injection molding (Alfa MIMTech), the deposition of metallic coatings on plastic parts (Maier), and environmental impact experts Global Factor. The EKOMUGI project (File Number: ZE-2023/00015) is funded by the Basque Government through its HAZITEK program, dedicated to business research and development.

As part of the EKOMUGI consortium, ALFA MIMTECH contributes to the project in the component creation phase by developing new materials, providing innovative solutions to foster sustainability in the manufacturing of key parts for electric mobility through MIM technology.

Committed to sustainability and innovation, at Alfa MIMtech we are proud to be part of this pioneering project that promotes the circular economy and resource conservation.

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